About ChrisVLister 

I make what I call “spirit world music.” Music to remind us that our true nature is peace and that we are all one. It seems to be that the spirit world is real and that it is infinite.

It feels to me that life is just another experience of conciousness within that infinite, and I feel as though music is a great example of the infinite in that music can take us to an endless amount of places. Spirit world music is my attempt to look inward to find those places, bring them outward in the songs I create, thus opening up more places inward and outward alike.

As humans I feel as though one of our main aspects is our multi-dimensionality. This can be seen through dreaming, the imagination, meditiation, and other higher states of consciousness. I feel as though it is our responsibility to open up our “portals” if you will, to open up to as much of our higher selves as possible and not remain closed off, and to me, music is one of the biggest factors in this.

That’s why music is one of the most important things there is to me, because it opens me up to more of the vibrations of eternity. It shows me there is an endless amount of incredibly positive, powerful feelings, which you could also call vibrations, either word works. And these vibrations blend past, present, future, dreams, fiction, and everything else possible within the imagination and spirit together to create and endless tapestry of positivity and love.

Its like taking every good time you’ve ever had and every single moment of all of those good times and multiplying it by infinity. This is what I believe the spirit world to be, or higher conciousness, if you will.

As humans we aren’t perfect but we are human beings and I believe one of our main goals as human beings should be to open ourselves up to this being as much as possible and while we are all different I feel as though music is one of the main factors for the human souls connectivity to itself and to the spirit world, and for me it’s number one.

That’s what my music is about more than anything else, opening ourselves up to our own souls and to the eternal oneness of our true nature.